Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

I wish everybody in the world knew about this outstanding man

Many of us have probably seen these photographs on the Internet. Nonetheless, so few of us know this man’s name and what he does. He has the biggest heart and sets a great example of how to stay kind and truly generous in today’s crazy world!

His name is Dobri Dobrev, better known as Grandpa Dobri. He lives in a small Bulgarian village named Bailovo and is 101 years old.
Throughout his life, this humble man has been collecting donations and given them away to charity, as he sees his mission in raising funds for the restoration of churches and monasteries across Bulgaria.

Grandpa Dobri never keeps even a single penny from the money people give him. He lives off of his monthly pension of 100 euros and some non-cash help that comes in the form of products and clothes.

In 2010, a Bulgarian TV channel was making a documentary about the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky in Sofia. A journalist, while going through the archival papers, made a shocking discovery that the most generous private donation ever made for the Cathedral — 20,000 euros — was made by an old beggar, Grandpa Dobri.

Grandpa Dobri helps everybody out there who needs him: once he paid all the utility bills for an orphanage that had no heat and light. He always helps those less fortunate by giving away his money to homeless people. And who knows how many other noble deeds this great man has done? We will probably never know because the Saint of Bailovo never speaks about them.

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